Visual Art Prize

Posted by Zacheriah Kramer on June 18, 2016 at 5:40 AM

Nine pieces included in Ruminate magazine!


It is a deep honor to be featured in the latest issue of Ruminate magazine as the winner of the Kalos Visual Art prize.

Ruminate is a beautiful, quarterly magazine that publishes poetry, short stories, visual art, essays, etc. It grew up in my tiny corner of the world - northern Colorado.

Among throngs of work by real writers, they published a small prose-poem I put together as well:

Finally he slept. His infant body tangible as warm gold rafted on my rib cage, afloat the waves of my breath. Air we shared. Commandeered. I could almost sense the sea water ebbing in us both, ancient beyond comprehension, shoring our thin sheathes of soil. How strangely like oceans we are. Memories arose from trans-Atlantic flights when exhaustion stripped my mind of blind trust in regularities and vague comfort in statistics and aerodynamics. My naked heartbeat wobbled like a water balloon hurled over vast seas, and for a moment my lidless eyes beheld the world unclothed, bold in its contingency. What love holds things for a time, then lets go? I clutched my son, falling handless into the infinite.

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